This survey is to gather information about organizations and individuals that are already involved in the fight against Human Trafficking specifically sexual slavery.  We have access to some summary reports that claim to identify all involved in this work, but know that those reports are incomplete.     While some of those reports identify 40 or more organizations, we are aware of many not listed and thus this effort to develop a complete picture of the war against sexual slavery. We have currently documented over 250 organizations and estimate that the number will double  to over 500 before we are finished with the survey.  We will share with all the resulting report which will give a complete picture of all organizations involved in the fight against this one of the most horrible conditions in the world.  If your organization has not received or completed a survey please contact us at for a copy of the survey to complete and return to us.  Only by having a complete picture of the full effort in the fight against sexual slavery can we hope to develop full coordination of efforts and be successful in this fight.