We have experience in this area in both Eastern Europe and the United States,  and we know of alternative methods being utilized by other Anti-Trafficking organizations.   Yet,  this is the basis of our report    "STEPS TO A COMPLETE SOLUTION".       We  need more solutions  if real progress is to be made to achieve our goals.

We have reviewed a report: "FAITH GROUPS AND TRAFFICKING" that claims to list the organizations involved in the Faith Fight Against Trafficking  and find only 40 organizations or individuals documented. That report does not include good organizations that we know are involved in this fight.  At this time we are conducting a survey of all the organizations and individuals that are involved in the fight against Human Trafficking, and currently have over 250 survey contacts. The survey is attached in Appendix A of the full report.  Each of those contacts is asked to report their partner or other known organizations or individuals,  and we estimate the documented number of actual organizations involved in this fight will grow to well over 500 worldwide. Every day we learn of new groups involved in this fight.  Please let us know of any and all organizations you know who are currently working to end Human Trafficking, so we can include them in our  survey list.

 If the number is accurate, that an estimated 500+  organizations and individuals are involved in this fight and some have been involved for at least ten years, then why do we not have solutions that are rescuing numbers of girls at the 20,000  level  or higher each year?  We are not being critical of any organization, but the question of real effectiveness in this fight is  very obvious.
Una Stevenson recently in this past year’s task force report to Christian Women United - CWU (with an estimated total membership of 22 million)  summarizes their work against Human Trafficking.  As head of the CWU task force she writes:

Sorry to say, even today after more people know about trafficking, all our actions, and legislation;      the estimates are still the same.

This is the status after CWU has worked against Human Trafficking since 2005 and most organizations will agree with this summary; that while more people know about the issue;  little has been accomplished. Also, in reality the general public is not aware of the Human Trafficking issue, and/or believes it is not a U.S. problem but only an overseas problem.  Some organizations have been working for over 10 years and the problem has only grown to become more and more gigantic in that time frame.  But they do have accomplishments in developing networks of sub-organizations in every state.  One bright spot does exist in that when realistic solutions are developed the existing organizations in the fight against Human Trafficking have groups in every state in the nation ready to utilize the solutions.  Thus the ability to mobilize substantial forces to make real progress is only waiting on the development of real concrete solutions that will rescue, rehabilitate, cut the demand, and stop girls from being captured.  Based on the above; the current status of the solutions to Human Trafficking is estimated in the following diagram:

The total amount spent since 2003 by the U.S. government on the fight against Human Trafficking has been estimated to be $800 million.  And yet another estimate stated that we have only 2% of the funding needed to reach realistic solutions to stop this sexual slavery.  Our contention is that even if full funding was now given in the range of 50 times the current funding;  the results would not be effective as there are not a full range of solutions that will effectively stop Human Trafficking.

While a recent writing; "End Human Trafficking: A Contemporary Slavery", by Dr. Laura Lederer suggests areas in which solutions should be developed, the concrete steps to actual solutions are not presented. We agree with the general areas Dr. Lederer discusses and have for over two years been working on the actual steps to take.  Again we must emphasize that we are not saying that nothing has been accomplished in the last 10 years. Laws have been passed. Human Trafficking indicators have been developed. Research has identified the characteristics of the traffickers, johns that purchase sex, as well as the situations in which girls are trafficked.  Despite all this, there is a need for real actual, tangible, legitimate solutions! 

When those solutions are available we will succeed in achieving our goals in this area!
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