Research has documented that in all of the United States only 70 beds exist to rehabilitate girls rescued from Trafficking situations.   When the global solutions are implemented the number of girls rescued will increase dramatically, but they will have no place to go for rehabilitation.  In Las Vegas a Judge is attempting to create a rehabilitation center as his only other option is to leave girls in detention.  He keeps a file on his desk to remind him of the girl he released as he could no longer hold her.  The next day she was found in a ditch with her throat cut.  Detentions centers, homeless shelters, or homes for battered women are not appropriate solutions to rehabilitate these girls from the trauma they have endured.

The rescued girls of sexual slavery experience the impact of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as severely as our military returning from overseas combat.  In Eastern Europe we have seen examples of how the government centers are ineffective in helping no more than 5% of the girls in need of assistance.  Yet, it is noteworthy, that in the same region the Christian counseling centers have a 95% success rate in helping girls return to a normal life.  As my pastoral training is mainly in Christian family spiritual advising,  God has given me the tools to help those with such trauma.

Currently, the need for rehabilitation centers is great and that need will explode with the successful implementation of global solutions to combat Human Trafficking.  A model center must be created that can be duplicated a thousand times over to help these victims of Human Trafficking.  The criteria in the “round center” by Love146 will be a good starting point for such a center.  We will also coordinate with any new centers being established such as Gracehaven  where Theresa Flores is Director of Education & Training.

We have identified two potential sites in the nearby foothills of the mountains of Colorado.  With the completion of the WORLD GOVERNING BODY the funding will be increased and the feasibility of the development of such a model rehabilitation center will be feasible.   Such a center is crucial if we are to return these girls to a normal life rather than see them go back on the street to be trafficked again as is the case for many from the government centers of Eastern Europe.

The STOP program efforts include work to establish a design conference to finalize design criteria for a model rehabilitation center.  This will address the many questions related to center physical design, rules and regulations to keep rescued girls safe, and most important the methods to assist recovery from the past trauma of being in sexual slavery.
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