Reducing Demand

While other campaigns may be identified by the Anti-Trafficking TASK FORCES, currently four major campaigns will be utilized to reduce the demand for Human Trafficking. These will add to and complement the current efforts by organizations such as Global Centurion. These four major campaigns are:

Colorado has the toughest Anti-Trafficking Law in the nation (written by Boulder, CO attorney Beth Klein) making the solicitation of a trafficked girl a class three felony punishable by a minimum of 2 years and  up to 24 years in prison. (Under certain conditions this may be increased to a Class 2 felony).  Many other states have similar laws or are in the process of establishing such laws.  The problem is that most men do not know of these laws.  With the global solutions established and the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNING BODY completed,  the funding will be available to publicize the real likelihood of jail-time awaiting the men who utilize Trafficked girls.  With this danger of incarceration known a man must think twice before soliciting a girl that might be a Trafficked victim.   This reality will reduce the demand, make Human Trafficking less profitable and reduce the commercial value of Trafficking Girls to the criminal element that enslaves them.

                   Creating  a Pornography Alarm

Watching pornography is a major problem for men around the world. Even Christian men according to research by The Barna Group and surveys by Promise Keepers show over 50% watching pornography even though in promise #3: A Promise Keeper is committed to practicing spiritual, moral, ethical, and sexual purity.  Research documents the links between pornography and the use of prostitutes and thus promotion of Human Trafficking. The men that are users of prostitution say being placed on a sex offenders list and/or public display of their names on a billboard are the only things that would change their attitude about using prostitution.  Several organizations sell a PORNOGRAPHY ALARM.  In our view, these would potentially be expanded to an automatic program update for the operating system of all computers. The network administrator would be notified of any computer accessing pornography and the computer would shut down applications currently being used. 

The system would have stored the information about the user that logged on and accessed a pornography site.  This information would be automatically sent to the local news. This Pornography Alarm would include materials displayed on the user’s computer, which would educate them on the evils of pornography and its link to Human Trafficking. With this program automatically installed on all public, corporate, and home computers, the use of pornography would decline rapidly. In turn, this will drive down the demand for Human Trafficking.  

               Utilizing Christian Men’s Organizations

The Christian men’s organizations that will be targeted to utilize the above information in driving down demand are;  Promise Keepers,  Christian Men’s Network, Full Gospel Business Men’s Association, and Christian Athletes in Action.   These organizations have incentives to clean up the percentage of men utilizing pornography, prostitutes, and thus Trafficked girls.  These organizations currently have no policy regarding Human Trafficking.  When the solutions are available and the world wide knowledge increased it will be easier to bring these organizations into the fight. With the damaging effects of pornography on the family all of these organizations will be interested in promoting STOP.  This will aid in reducing the demand for Human Trafficking.

Enlisting the major Tourism Organizations

Efforts already exist enlisting the major tourism organizations in the fight against Human Trafficking. With global solutions developed, along with the STOP campaign, these organizations will be even more effective in reducing the demand by overseas travelers. About a quarter of the demand  in Eastern Europe is currently coming from the United States.  In the long run the Christian Army against Trafficking will utilize Christian tourist to do documentation of American tourist going into prostitution centers.  As the "JOHNS" are presented with the evidence that they are contributing to Human Trafficking and that this evidence will follow them back to the United States, these efforts will reduce the demand by American tourists.  Tourism organizations will then be asked to warn tourist of the potential "documentation efforts"  and the resulting decrease in demand will in the long run reduce Human Trafficking.

These four areas and others developed by the TASK FORCES will have a major impact in driving down the demand for Trafficked girls.
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