MILITARY SLAVERY exists primarily in Africa, in which youth are kidnapped by armed fighters, trained to use weapons, and then placed on the front lines in a war.  Often the end of the training is completed by having the youth demonstrate the ability to follow orders by using the weapon to kill a member of their own family.  These very young Military Slaves are also subject to rape and live under starvation conditions. They live with the threat of death if they do not follow orders and the high probability of death by the "enemy" as they are on the front lines of the war.  While this may be the worst type of Human Trafficking that exists in the world, we do not have the experience in this field and pray that those that are working to stop Military Slavery such as UNICEF are successful in their efforts.  A summary of a UN report as an example is:
The UN Secretary General's latest report on the abduction of children from northern Uganda said that 85 percent of the girls who arrive at a Gulu trauma center for former abductees of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) had contracted sexually transmitted diseases during their captivity. The report said, the LRA had abducted over 10,000 boys and girls since 1986 and that most were 14 - 16 years old but some as young as 8 years old.  Each LRA soldier has several child wife's as young as 12 years old and many are pregnant.

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