The three main steps to take to achieve a complete solution to the Human Trafficking problem are:

This gives insight to this third step in the three main steps:

There have been several world meetings about Human Trafficking in the past 10 years (attended by many but not by a fully representative majority from all areas or backgrounds).  All of these meetings had the focus of looking at the magnitude of the problem and very little was accomplished in terms of effective solutions to rescue, rehabilitate, cut the demand, and stop girls from being captured. ONLY AFTER  the real concrete solutions to rescue, rehabilitate, cut the demand, and stop girls from being captured are developed by the TASK FORCES, will it be time to bring together the heads of all anti-trafficking organizations worldwide.  Today, the lack of coordination regarding solutions and efforts makes the existing organizations seem like a bunch of uncoordinated ants working on all sides of a bloated dead elephant.  Each has their own view of the problem and they shun the past efforts to establish real coordination. 

The INTERNATIONAL GOVERNING BODY AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING will have the following characteristics (each of these characteristics will be shown to be essential in the operation and the follow up steps).



 Note:  This is not just another "World Congress" as has been held before.  Those meetings were characterized by: 

The meeting of the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNING BODY AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING will have a different purpose, a different broader attendance, and will produce different results.

Participants will focus on the global solutions as applied to their specific area of the world. Those participating will represent a broader attendance than ever before.  The discussions will be on the implementation of the global solutions and not on the magnitude of the problem. 

During the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNING BODY an Anti-Trafficking Board will be elected that will have the responsibility to represent all the organizations in the world. This will broaden the Steering Committee for Demand Abolition, a coalition of over 100 of the most effective anti-trafficking organizations in the world. This Anti-Trafficking Board will also be effective in communicating with the funding organizations and act as a clearing house for funding proposals from individual organizations. 

The INTERNATIONAL GOVERNING BODY will include attendance by many major funding organizations that have an interest in the fight against Human Trafficking.  After these funding organizations have heard the presentations on the global solutions they will be more inclined to provide the necessary funding to develop an effective global war against Human Trafficking.  The funding organizations will be asked to elect a representative Anti-Trafficking Funding Board that will coordinate the massive funding needed to reach full funding for the War Against Trafficking.  This coordination will allow the necessary funding to be made available to the multitude of sub-organizations that will then have the necessary funds and the realistic concrete solutions to make a major impact against Human Trafficking. 

Major entertainers will be present at the GOVERNING BODY to lend support and to set in place the global entertainment schedule needed in the follow-up steps presented in the next section.  Also, the leaders of the major Christian denominations will attend to learn of Human Trafficking solutions to take to their members as part of the follow-up steps.

Yes, this final step of the three main steps to take to achieve a complete solution to the Human Trafficking problem will make us ready to take the necessary follow-up steps to effectively implement a fatal blow to those involved in the operation of the sexual slavery of Human Trafficking.
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